Thursday, July 7, 2016

COPPER'S CHOICE has been released!

So excited to see this out at last! Don't you just love that gorgeous cover? Wait until you read what's inside! This is a fun book, and it has a message, but plenty of action and adventure too. As with all the COMPANION DRAGONS TALES, it's absolutely appropriate for kids, but something adults will find entertaining as well. 

You can find out all about it, including where to get the copy that best suits your reading style, by clicking right HERE.

And please don't be shy, leave a review. Sometimes that's the only way us authors know we have reached an audience.

More dragon goodness is on tap for next year, with everybody's favorite little blue dragon Lazlo (from A FAMILIAR NAME), featured in an anthology of 4 short stories. You should see the things he gets himself into and out of while learning how to survive in a magical household nestled within a hidden neighborhood populated by the creatures and beings of myths and fairytales. Somehow Lazlo always manages to bumble through.

I've been chatting about the series with co-authors Roger Stegman and Lee Houston Jr., and believe me, there are many more interesting tales ahead. So hang in there folks, we're getting them to you as fast as we can turn them out and the publisher can get them into print.

They're well worth waiting for.

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